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Crazestar  gives you the oppurtunity  to list unlimited product without any fee . Our tools and services make it easy to manage and grow your business


We provide Our Sellers / vendors  secure and timely payment . We deduct our fees only after you make a sell and ensure you to get timely payments

Seller Storefront

The uniqueness of our marketplace is that we provide a separate Custom Sub-Store front to each seller . The  seller gets online visibility  and is also able to directly communicate with the customers.

Future opportunities About the Online E-commerce market

The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion in 2017 Online retail sales in India are expected to grow by 31 per cent to touch US$ 49.70 billion in2019. Online Ecommerce Market centre is one of the most promising industries with a lot of potentials to grow. If you are passionate about business and have always thought of making a career out of your passion than taking up a right step is the best decision you will ever make. Online Ecommerce Market is one of the most promising industry with a lot of potentials to grow. Crazestar offers these opportunities. For a profitable, easy to manage business choose your shop now! With Crazestar.

  •  Easy as ABC you register, you list your Products and start selling them online. 

  • No Upfront sell online with no upfront or recurring payment.

  • Manage your online store from anywhere

  • Effective Model cost-effective and Scaleable model.

  • Simple Payout Process as per sellers request.


    Round the clock support on technology and Business to grow your sales.


Wants to join the League?

Availability of everything educational at one place would positively and immensely help institutions, parents and students alike

  • Low Fees It takes nothing to list your items and once you make a sale, Crazestar's commission is just the smallest piece of the pie.

  • Powerful Tools Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

  • Support and Education Reach out to Crazestar Support Team at to help anytime and learn how to sell successfully.

  • Secure Marketplace Secure marketplace catering to a large range of customers from around the region.

Seller Portal Features

  Crazestar is intended to help Educational Institutions, Publishers, Book Sellers, Stationery manufacturers, Uniform, Uniform Accessories and other suppliers to create their Exclusive Online Shop on this Marketplace and enabling all of them to sell their products.

 What do I need to do to create a shop?


  • Seller Panel : 

The marketplace allows buyers and sellers to interact. A seller can place products online for selling and is responsible for the processing of order while the host admin is responsible for providing a platform for smooth transaction of goods and funds to either party.


  • Free Payment Gateway :


The solution we are offering allows you to integrate with almost any payment gateway in India. We are

though working strategically with PayUmoney for free payment gateway with 2.9 % TDR for all


  • Mobile Optimized Website


A responsive website design good for all devices be it desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile.

  • Seller Reviews & Ratings


As a buyer has made a purchase on your store we offer him an option to rate services of a seller. He can give star ratings along with a description on his services offered which are displayed along with the sellers name on the store.

  • Product Rating & Reviews


This module shows list of pending reviews created by registered users on products listed on the website. Once a user posts a review on a product it needs to be approved by admin before it becomes live on the website under the product review section or in reviewed products gallery.

  • Inventory Management


This section allows you to take control of the inventories of the products that you plan to sell online. It also allows you to create rules according to the current available stock on the product that can help you define the delivery period. It is thru this module that you can make a product completely available or not available for sale.

  • Upselling / Cross Selling


This is a module thru which you can suggest a user to buy a similar product or a product that goes as a matching to a product page he is visiting. Say for example if a visitor is looking at tops on the page you can suggest her some skirts or bottoms that can go well with the top.

  • Wishlist


This module allows a visitor to add items to his wish list instead of adding them to his cart and use the same for future reference. The wish list is created with an idea that a user can save items to his list to be able to refer the same with his friends prior to a final purchase later on.

  • Discount Code Engine


Using the Discount Code Engine Promotions admin can set a full store promotion that will allow him to offer first purchase discounts, free shipping discounts and flat percentage base d discounts on all the items of the website.

  • Automatic Shipping


We currently have a tie-up with Shiprocket and Shipyari (a courier management company) wherein we have done a seamless integr ation of their system with ours whereas admin confirms an order the system on the spot itself provides an AWB Number which is shared directly with the customer also. Against the AWB number created a delivery/pickup is automatically scheduled with our Prefered Delivery partner.

  • Best Sellers

This section shows a li st of most selling items on the site with the highest sold items on the top.


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